Exclusive: The Leaked iPhone 16 Pro Battery Unveils Cutting-Edge Metal Shell Design – Click to See!

Apple has been working on new battery technologies to improve the battery life of its products, but those are not expected to be ready soon. Instead, it seems Apple will adopt a new battery design with a metal shell for the next iPhone, the iPhone 16 Pro.

In a photo shared by Kosutami on X (formerly Twitter), it is rumored that the leaked battery is an early stage prototype designed for the iPhone 16 Pro. The leaked battery has a capacity of 3,355mAh, which is not much more than the 3,274mAh battery in the current iPhone 15 Pro. However, this new battery has a metal shell instead of the traditional foil covering, and it has the same L-shaped design that Apple uses in its iPhone batteries.

If this prototype is real and the new battery design passes the tests, there may be significant improvements when it comes to heat dissipation. With the previous iPhone, Apple had faced complaints about devices overheating for no reason. So, the company is likely working on improved thermals for the next iPhone. A metal shell would help better distribute the heat rather than concentrating it.

Kosutami has a good track record of leaking Apple-related information. In the past, the leaker had shared photos of the new Apple Watch FineWoven band and a prototype HomePod with an LCD screen.

The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are rumored to come in larger screen sizes and are expected to feature better ultra-wide lens, faster 5G, and Wi-Fi 7. However, since the iPhone 16 is a year away from announcement, Apple could still make changes to these plans.

This new battery technology could provide exciting improvements for iPhone users in the future.

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