Apple’s iOS 17.2 Resolves iPhone Wireless Charging Issues in Select Vehicles – Find Out Which Ones!

Apple is finally fixing the bug that stops drivers from charging their iPhone 15 in their GM vehicles. Last month, it was reported that the iOS 17.1.1 update caused problems for drivers, but the new update, iOS 17.2, is set to fix this issue.

Last month, a statement from GM to The Verge acknowledged the problem, but they couldn’t confirm any details at that point. The good news is that Apple’s release notes for iOS 17.2 specifically mention fixing the issue of wireless charging in certain vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are no additional details about which vehicles this fix applies to, but it’s a safe bet to assume that it will include GM cars. This isn’t the first time Apple has had to fix issues with in-car wireless chargers, as they also had to address problems affecting BMW drivers with the release of iOS 17.1.1.

The new update, iOS 17.2, is currently available in beta for developers and public beta users, and it’s expected to be released to the general public in about a week. This will hopefully bring relief to GM drivers who have been experiencing issues with charging their iPhone 15 in their cars.

The fix is sure to come as a welcome relief to drivers who depend on in-car wireless charging for their devices. This is a great example of how technology companies are able to respond to and fix issues quickly to enhance the user experience for their customers.

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