Get Ready: iOS 17.1.2 Update Coming to iPhone Users Next Week!

Get ready iPhone users because iOS 17.1.2 is coming your way. MacRumors reports that evidence of the update has been seen in its website’s analytics logs. The update is expected to be released next week, as Apple traditionally avoids releasing new software builds during the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S. Last year, a similar situation occurred with iOS 16.1.2 and was finally released on November 30.

The iOS 17.1.2 update is expected to fix some higher profile bugs, including one that has prevented iPhone users running iOS 17.1 and later from wirelessly charging using the in-car charging pad of their General Motors vehicle. Apple had previously released iOS 17.1.1 to address a bug that broke NFC on iPhone 15 series handsets that charged using BMW’s in-vehicle charging system.

In addition to bug fixes, the upcoming iOS 17.2 update is anticipated to add support for spatial video recording for the iPhone 15 Pro models, as well as new features like the iPhone’s new Journal feature, new Clock and Weather widgets, and an option that will allow iPhone 15 Pro series users to have the Translate app open when the Action button is long-pressed on the phone.

As iPhone users await the arrival of iOS 17.2, the upcoming iOS 17.1.2 update is expected to address any remaining issues, including the GM wireless charging bug, and any other annoying bugs that iPhone users are currently dealing with. Apple is working hard to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for its users with these updates. Be on the lookout for the release of iOS 17.1.2 next week, and stay tuned for the exciting new features coming with iOS 17.2 in the middle of next month.

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