Which Will Reign Supreme: iPad Air 6 (2024) vs iPad Pro 11 (2022) – All Your Expectations Answered!

Apple did not release a new iPad in 2023. However, rumors suggest that both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini may be released in early 2024.

The 2024 iPad Air is expected to be very similar in size and shape to the 2022 iPad Pro 11. Both will have interchangeable accessories, but the Pro models will have a faster refresh rate and better file transfer speeds.

When it comes to the size and design, they are almost identical. The iPad Air models typically have a 10.9-inch screen, slightly smaller than the Pro 11’s 11-inch display. The Pro models also have better camera features, with two extra speakers and a LiDAR camera, which the Air models lack. However, the biggest advantage of the Air is that it will be priced more affordably than the Pro models, while still providing most of the same features and compatibility with accessories.

The display will also be similar, but the Pro model will have a 120 Hz ProMotion refresh rate. It’s possible that the new iPad Air will also get the Apple Pencil Hover feature, which allows for a cursor-like experience when using the Apple Pencil.

In terms of performance and software, it is expected that the new iPad Air will have an M2 chip, similar to the one found in the 2022 iPad Pro 11. Storage options are expected to start at 64GB, which many consider too small for a device that is marketed as a tool for video and audio editing. Hopefully, this will be upgraded in the 2024 model.

The iPad Pro 11 starts at 128 GB with upgrades up to 1 TB, offering more storage options. The camera setup is expected to be similar in both models, with the Pro models having extra features for AR applications.

When it comes to audio quality, the iPad Air has two speakers, while the Pro models have four. The Pro models are expected to provide slightly better audio quality, but the difference is not expected to be significant.

Finally, the battery life of these iPads remains around 10 hours of screen-on time, providing reliable performance for a full day of use. A new iPad Air is expected to launch in the next year, providing a more affordable option for those who want the functionality of an iPad Pro without the high price tag.

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