iPhone 15 Users Beware: iOS 17.1 Disrupts Wireless Charging in GM Vehicles

Apple’s latest software update, iOS 17.1, is causing issues for some owners of GM vehicles who are finding that their iPhone 15 models are only able to wirelessly charge for 10 seconds before cutting out. This issue is different from the one that affected charging on BMW wireless charging pads, as it doesn’t disable the NFC capabilities of the device.

Complaints about the problem have been popping up on Reddit, as well as on the Apple discussions forum and the GM-Trucks forum. Users have tried various troubleshooting steps, but none of them have fixed the issue. The affected GM models include the Chevy Bolt EUV, the Chevy Traverse, the GM Silverado, the GMC Sierra, and others.

It is suggested that Apple could include a fix for this issue with an upcoming iOS 17.2 beta or the stable version of iOS 17.2, which is expected to be released before the end of the year. Alternatively, iOS 17.1.2 could be specifically released to address this problem with GM vehicles.

Despite these issues, it is important to note that not all GM vehicles are experiencing this problem, and it seems to be specific to certain models and configurations. Owners of affected vehicles are encouraged to stay updated on any potential fixes that may be released by Apple in the near future.

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