Ikea’s Game-Changing Smart Sensors Under $10 – A Must-Have for Every Home!

Ikea is releasing three new smart home sensors. These sensors are affordable, with expected retail prices of under $10. They will be available for purchase starting in January, with the rollout concluding in July 2024.

The first sensor to come to market will be the motion sensor, called Vallhorn, which is designed for use both outdoors and indoors. It can activate lights automatically when motion is detected.

For smart home security, Ikea plans to release a contact sensor called Parasoll, which alerts users when a point of entry has been opened, ideal for use with doors and windows.

Additionally, Ikea’s upcoming liquid detection sensor, called Badring, will notify users and play an alarm if water is detected, allowing them to stop the leak before more damage occurs.

These sensors are designed to work with Ikea’s Dirigera smart home hub, which costs $69. The sensors can function without the hub, but functionality will be more restricted. The Dirigera smart home hub also allows all three products to work with Google Home.

Matter support is yet to come, as Ikea still hasn’t released the promised update to Dirigera that would enable the standard. However, Ikea has assured that over time, their entire smart product range will support Matter via their DIRIGERA hub.

The new sensors do not have official U.S. pricing yet, but they’re priced at €9.99 or less in Europe and are expected to be less than $10 in the U.S. Vallhorn will be available in January in both the U.S. and Europe, while Parasoll will debut in January in Europe and April in the U.S. Finally, Badring will release in April in Europe and July in the U.S.

This announcement is exciting news for people interested in smart home monitoring, as the affordable prices may make it possible for users to install sensors on all the entry points in their homes. The sensors will provide an easy and affordable option for those looking to make their homes smarter and more secure.

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