Unbiased Huawei Freebuds Pro 3 Review: Discover the Truth Behind the Hype!

Huawei recently launched the new Freebuds Pro 3 TWS earphones, and after testing them out, we can say that they are the best earphones Huawei has made so far. These earphones have some of the best sound in the market and great design with competent noise cancelling features.

The case for the Freebuds Pro 3 is slightly smaller than the previous generation, and it supports Qi wireless charging. The touch sensor on the stem has been improved, making gestures feel more natural. The earbuds are also comfortable and come with different sizes of rubber tips.

In terms of connectivity, the earphones can connect via Bluetooth to two devices simultaneously, but the switch between the two devices was found to be unreliable when one of the devices is not Huawei-branded. However, the earphones worked well when used for listening to music on one device and taking occasional calls on another.

The Freebuds Pro 3 also have controls in the AI Life app, allowing users to control the audio source without opening the app. The earbuds also offer impressive battery life, with the case having enough power for nearly 5 full recharges.

One of the standout features of the Freebuds Pro 3 is their audio quality, which is incredibly impressive with clear treble and well-defined bass. The earphones also feature active noise cancellation with four modes, including an Awareness mode with a Voice Mode that amplifies voices.

The price of €200/£180 may seem high, but considering the no-compromise experience and the various deals Huawei is offering, such as bundling the Freebuds with a Band 8 smartband for €20, the Freebuds Pro 3 offer great value for money.

In conclusion, the Huawei Freebuds Pro 3 offer top-notch sound quality, excellent design, and impressive features, making them a worthy investment for those looking for high-quality wireless earphones.

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