Warning: Google’s New Account Deletion Policy – What You Need to Know to Keep Your Old Account Safe

Google to Delete Inactive Accounts Starting December 1

Starting December 1, Google will begin deleting “inactive” accounts that haven’t been used or logged into in at least two years. This means that accounts that were created and never used again will be among the first to go.

However, logging into your account, using the email with a third-party service, or performing specific actions such as reading or sending an email, using Google Drive, watching a YouTube video, sharing a photo, downloading an app, using Google Search, or signing in to a third-party app or service, will keep your account “active” for another two years.

Google has also outlined specific “exceptions” that will prevent deletion more permanently. These include having a current or ongoing purchase of a Google product, app, service, or subscription, having a gift card balance, publishing an app or game on the Play Store, managing another Google account over Family Link, purchasing a “digital item” using your Google account, or uploading a YouTube video using the account.

Google will send multiple notifications to the email in question and the recovery email before deleting the account. If you want to avoid the hassle of losing an old account that’s not actively used, you could use one of the above loopholes to keep it permanently active.

It’s important to note that Google’s public justification for this purge is that an inactive account “is more likely to be compromised” because it probably uses an old, compromised password. So, if you want to keep your inactive accounts, it’s best to take the necessary actions to keep them active.

This announcement comes after Google warned users back in May that it would begin deleting inactive accounts later in the year. Therefore, it is essential for users to take the necessary steps to ensure that their accounts remain active and avoid being deleted.

In conclusion, starting December 1, users should be vigilant about their inactive accounts and take the necessary actions to prevent them from being deleted. Whether it’s logging into the account, using it with a third-party service, or falling under one of the specific exceptions outlined by Google, users have options to keep their accounts active and avoid any surprises.

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