Discover the Lightning-Fast Charging of Honor Magic6 – 66W 3C Certified!

The Honor Magic6 series is one step closer to being unveiled with the latest certification from the Chinese 3C authority. The certification indicates that the Magic6 will feature a charger capable of a 66W maximum charging speed, as well as 10W and 40W options. While some reports suggested the possibility of an 80W charging speed, it seems that the regular Magic6 will stick with 66W, leaving room for a potential Magic6 Pro with higher charging capabilities.

In terms of hardware, it is confirmed that the Magic6 series will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. Additionally, the main camera will feature a 1/1.3″ OV50K stacked sensor, and the telephoto will boast a 160MP periscope.

The upcoming announcement of the Honor Magic6 series has been highly anticipated, and the recent 3C certification further fuels excitement for the new release. With its powerful charging capabilities and advanced camera features, the Magic6 series is expected to make a significant impact in the smartphone market.

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