Discover the Top 5 Loudest Phones of 2023 – Our Testing Revealed the Winners!

In 2023, more than 110 phones were reviewed to find the loudest smartphones of the year. Along with evaluating the quality of the loudspeaker setup, the sheer loudness was also measured. The top 15 loudest smartphones from the past year were revealed, with Motorola ThinkPhone, Motorola Edge 40 Pro, and Tecno Phantom V Flip making the top of the list.

According to the review, Motorola smartphones have a strong presence, with the company’s phones often tuned for loudness. Additionally, Tecno stood out for having two Phantom phones featured on the list.

The loudness of the speakers was measured in LUFS, represented as a negative value, and the lower the number, the louder the device. It is important to note that the loudest phone does not necessarily mean the best audio output quality.

In contrast, the review also identified the quietest phones of 2023, which were mostly budget phones with a single-speaker setup. The quietest phones included the vivo V29, Samsung Galaxy A24 4G, and vivo V27 Pro.

The review emphasized that the loudness of a phone’s speakers does not necessarily indicate the overall audio output quality. For more detailed information on the quality of audio output for each device, readers were encouraged to refer to their respective reviews.

Overall, the review provided valuable insights into the loudest and quietest smartphones of 2023, shedding light on the performance of the phones’ loudspeaker setups and offering guidance for consumers looking for devices with the desired audio capabilities.