Trouble with iPhone cellular connectivity after iOS 17.2.1 update? Try these workarounds now!

iOS 17.2.1 Update Causes iPhone Connectivity Issues

A recent update for iPhone users has caused connectivity issues, leaving many unable to connect to their cellular providers. The update, known as iOS 17.2.1, was intended to fix a battery-draining bug, but it appears to have caused more problems than it solved.

Users have reported their frustrations on the Apple Support Community Discussions website. One user, “Hedgehog64,” expressed their disappointment, saying, “After updating my iPhone last night to 17.2.1 I can no longer connect to my network provider. Tried the resets and still it does not work! Very frustrating. Trusted Apple and iPhone for years, now not so sure.”

In addition to connectivity issues, some iPhone 15 series handsets are experiencing heating and battery draining problems after installing this update. However, not all users have been affected, as one iPhone 15 Pro Max user running iOS 17.2.1 reported no issues with battery life or overheating.

As a workaround, iPhone users are advised to try resetting network settings, performing a factory reset, and deleting all VPN profiles. Another option is to install the iOS 17.3 beta, which may eliminate the connectivity bug. However, it’s important to note that beta releases are unstable, and users will need to stay in the beta program until the final version of iOS 17.3 is released.

It’s unclear when Apple will address these issues, but for now, affected users are encouraged to explore the suggested workarounds to regain their iPhone connectivity.