Unveiling the Future: A Look Back at Apple’s 2023 releases including iPhone 15 and 15-inch MacBook Air

In a new episode of 9to5Mac Happy Hour, hosts Chance Miller and Benjamin Mayo take a look back at Apple’s products in 2023 and what is rumored to come in 2024. The hosts discuss the state of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the rest of Appleā€™s product lineup based on the releases in 2023. The episode also includes a sponsored message from Pillow, a sleep-tracking solution, offering a 30% discount on Pillow Premium with the code HAPPYHOUR23.

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The episode is available for download from the App Store, and listeners are invited to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. The hosts also provide an audio link for easy listening.

Overall, the latest episode of 9to5Mac Happy Hour provides an insightful and engaging discussion about Apple’s product releases in 2023 and the anticipated developments for 2024. By offering an ad-free version and a sponsored discount for Pillow Premium, the hosts demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality content to their audience.