Experience the New and Improved Google TV: Major Performance Boosts and Exciting Updates!

Google TV Experience Gets Major Upgrades

Google is making big improvements to its Google TV service to enhance the user experience. In a recent post on its support website, the company detailed its plans for future updates, including improvements to speed, storage, and the live tab feature.

Earlier this year, Google made updates to improve the app’s start-up time and reduce RAM usage. Now, the company has focused on enhancing the response speed for features on the home screen, optimizing tab loading, and improving search result loading speed.

In addition, Google has made changes to reduce the size of preinstalled apps that users don’t use, creating more room for the apps they do want. These optimizations and improvements are already rolling out to Google TV users.

The Live tab feature introduced in April will also see upgrades, with two new categories added to the channel guide: Recents and Local news. Users will also have access to a new “Free live news & opinion” row on the For you tab.

Furthermore, Google has added 14 new free channels to Google TV, including the Xumo Holiday Movie Channel, DraftKings, and Speedvision.

These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable TV experience for its users. With these improvements, Google TV users can look forward to a faster, more efficient, and expanded service in the months to come.