EU takes action against Apple’s anti-steering App Store rules following Spotify complaint

Apple is about to face a big loss in its fight with Spotify. The European Union is getting ready to make a decision against Apple in favor of Spotify. The decision would stop Apple from preventing music services like Spotify from redirecting their users to other subscription options outside of the App Store. This means Spotify and other services could offer alternative payment methods.

The ruling could also come with a fine for Apple, possibly equal to 10% of its annual sales in the EU. This investigation was prompted by a complaint from Spotify that the App Store favored Apple’s music service over Spotify and other similar services. The EU is close to making a final decision on this case and the ruling is expected to be delivered early next year.

This decision will only focus on how Appleā€™s rules impact music streaming services. However, the Digital Markets Act in the EU could force Apple to make broader changes such as allowing third-party app stores and sideloading on iPhones. According to experts, EU fines are usually not that high but orders for companies to change their business models can be more impactful.

Currently, Apple’s rules prevent Spotify from using any payment platforms other than Apple’s In-App Purchase system and also does not allow Spotify to direct users to any other payment methods. As a result, Spotify doesn’t allow users to subscribe within the app.

This ruling could have significant implications for how the App Store operates and could potentially lead to changes in how iPhone users access and purchase apps in the future.