Farewell to Google’s beloved feature: How it brought families closer

Goodbye to Google Assistant’s “Animal of the Day”

Parents and kids who enjoy the Google Assistant’s “animal of the day” feature will be disappointed to hear that it is coming to an end. Starting today, with the featured animal being Crickets, the daily animal highlight will be discontinued at the end of November.

Many parents have made it a daily routine to show their children the “animal of the day” on Google Assistant. This fun and educational feature has been a hit for years, but unfortunately, it will no longer be available. However, you can still ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke or ask questions about specific animals.

Despite this change, Google Assistant will still be able to answer questions about different animals, just not at random every day. This feature has brought parents and kids together to learn and have fun. It will be missed, as expressed by the disappointed comments on the Google Nest community forum.

People are wondering why Google is discontinuing this popular feature, as it has been a source of education and entertainment for many families. Google has not provided a reason for dropping the “animal of the day,” but it is a decision that many people are curious about.

Although the “animal of the day” is ending, Google Assistant remains ready to answer your questions about animals, ensuring that the learning and fun can still continue.

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