Revamp Your Pixel Watch with These Stunning Watch Faces for a Fresh New Look

Google has released new watch faces for the original Pixel Watch. The company has begun rolling out the Pixel Watch 2 watch faces to the original Pixel Watch. These new watch faces include Adventure, Analog Arcs, Analog Bold, Digital Bold, Large Scale, and Rotation.

This update comes as a pleasant surprise for owners of the original Pixel Watch, as it brings some of the latest watch faces to last year’s smartwatch. The new watch faces were spotted by some owners of the original Pixel Watch and appear to come from a new update to the Pixel Watch watch faces app. While the update is still rolling out, once installed, users should have access to these new watch faces.

It’s noteworthy that the overall design of the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 is mostly identical, including the display size and resolution. The Pixel Watch 2 has different internal hardware, such as chipset and battery size. Despite these differences, the new watch faces were not previously available on the original watch, particularly following the Wear OS 4 update rolled out in October. However, the addition of the new watch faces is a welcome move for users of the original Pixel Watch.

Additionally, Google has yet to issue a November 2023 update for the original Pixel Watch, but the new watch faces on the older model somewhat make up for it. The November 2023 update was pushed exclusively for the LTE Pixel Watch 2 and only included the latest security patch level and some bug fixes.

Overall, the addition of these new watch faces is a positive development for users of the original Pixel Watch, as it brings some of the features of the newer Pixel Watch 2 to the older model. With unique and easily readable watch faces, users can access functions and information at a glance. This update enhances the user experience and extends the lifespan of the original Pixel Watch.

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