New Feature Alert: Your Phone Can Now Notify You When Your Pixel Watch 2 Is Fully Charged

Google has quietly updated the Pixel Watch app on Android to send notifications when a paired Pixel Watch 2 is fully charged. This new feature is not yet available on the original Pixel Watch, and it’s unclear if Google plans to add it in the future.

Previously, the only way to know when a Pixel Watch had finished charging was by physically checking its screen. But with this new feature, users will receive a push notification on their smartphone when the Pixel Watch 2 reaches 100% battery.

This update comes less than a month after code related to Pixel Watch charging notifications was found in an update to the Pixel Watch app on Android.

The notifications for the fully charged Pixel Watch 2 were first discovered by Android Authority, and it was confirmed that the Pixel Watch app sends out a push notification when the smartwatch is fully charged. However, it’s unclear if the same notifications will be available for the first-generation Pixel Watch.

Google has not made an official announcement about this update, and it’s possible that the charging notifications are part of a gradual rollout. The notification banner will display the message “Your Pixel Watch is fully charged” once the watch reaches 100% battery.

It was also noted that the second-generation Pixel Watch represents a significant upgrade over the first model, with a faster and more efficient chip, better battery life, and improved sensors for health and fitness tracking.

While it’s an exciting update for Pixel Watch 2 users, the news leaves the original Pixel Watch owners wondering if they will also benefit from this convenient new feature. We will update our story once we hear back from Google about the potential rollout of charging notifications for the first-generation Pixel Watch.

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