Google Pixel Tablet 2: All the Latest Specs, Rumors, and Our Wishlist – Get the Inside Scoop Now!

In 2022, Google announced it would make a new tablet called the Pixel Tablet. It was released in 2023.

Now, people are already talking about the next one, the Pixel Tablet 2. So far, there aren’t many rumors or leaks about it. But we’ll update you when we know more.

After the first tablet, it’s hard to tell when the Pixel Tablet 2 will come out. The first one was talked about at I/O 2022, but it didn’t come out until June 2023. However, people think Google might start releasing new tablets every year, so the Pixel Tablet 2 might be released in June 2024.

The first Pixel Tablet costs $499 for 128GB or $599 for 256GB. It also comes with a Charging Speaker Dock. People expect the new one to start at $499 as well.

No one knows much about the Pixel Tablet 2’s features yet. But it might have a 10.95-inch display and use Google’s own Tensor G3 chip. This new chip is better than the old one, and it might help the tablet do more things.

But what people really want is a better display. The Pixel Tablet 2 might have an OLED display for better colors. People also want more accessories like a stylus and a keyboard. Some people think the speaker dock should still work even if the tablet isn’t on it.

The rumors will keep coming. People can’t wait to see if Google’s next tablet will be even better than the first one.

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