Exclusive: Beeper Mini’s possible shutdown by Apple – Latest update on its partial revival!

Beeper Mini, the app that promised iMessage functionality on Android, is facing some issues according to an update from the company. The Beeper Cloud is partially working, but only for Apple ID logins, not using phone numbers. The Beeper Mini is still down, and the company had to deregister all phone numbers from iMessage that were registered via their workaround. However, the company does say a fix is coming soon for both.

In addition, the free trial period for the Beeper Mini app is being extended to an additional week, which will reset when the fix is released.

Beeper Mini, the Android app that promised iMessage functionality with a unique security approach, suddenly stopped working for many users earlier today. The app’s seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem appears to be short-lived, raising concerns about the viability of bringing iMessage to Android in a secure and sustainable way.

Many reports confirm that Beeper Mini is currently unable to send or receive messages for many users. Some also report that Apple ID sign-in is currently not working if the app is re-installed or activated on a new device.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky provided more details and confirmed that there is a possibility that Apple found a way to cut off the app’s ability to work via the methods it had been using. He also questioned Apple’s actions, stating, “If Apple truly cares about the privacy and security of their own iPhone users, why would they try to kill a service that enables iPhones to send encrypted chats to Android users?”

Despite these challenges, the Beeper team is working on a fix and has stated that the issue is on their side. Beeper Mini’s outage highlights the challenges inherent in bringing iMessage to Android due to Apple’s closed ecosystem and proprietary protocols.

With the holidays approaching, users who rely on both Android and iOS devices will be watching closely to see if Beeper Mini can overcome this obstacle and restore its functionality.