Exclusive update: Pixel Camera app reveals dual-screen capture mode for Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold Might Get Dual Screen Camera Mode in Future Update

The Google Pixel Fold could be getting a new camera feature soon. A teardown of the updated Pixel Camera app APK found references to a potential dual-screen camera mode for the Pixel Fold.

The new feature would use both the inner and outer screens of the foldable phone. Currently, the outer display can be used to take selfies, but the dual-screen mode would allow the camera app to use both displays at once. This means someone on the other side of the camera would be able to see a preview of the viewfinder.

The potential dual-screen camera mode, codenamed “saturn,” is expected to use the cover screen to show the camera’s viewfinder while the main screen is also in use. This could be especially useful when trying to take a photo of a human subject, as they would be able to see what the image looks like on their end of the camera.

However, the feature would not work all the time. It won’t work when Battery Saver is enabled, or if the Pixel Fold is too hot, as using both displays would require extra battery and processing power.

The latest version of the Pixel Camera app does not yet support the dual-screen mode, but the references in the code hint at what might come in a future update. The Pixel Fold currently has one exclusive camera feature that lets you use the cover screen as a viewfinder for taking selfies, but the new dual-screen mode could provide even more functionality for users.

In the future, Pixel Fold users may see a third button appear in the Pixel Camera app to activate the rumored dual-screen mode. While it’s not available yet, the potential for a dual-screen camera mode opens up new possibilities for using the foldable phone’s unique dual-screen design.

The Google Pixel Fold has the potential to become even more versatile and useful with this new camera feature, providing a unique way to capture photos using both screens simultaneously.

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