Upgrade Your Pixel Phone with the Latest Camera UI and Features

Google has started rolling out the latest version of its Pixel Camera app, bringing new features and changes to older Pixel phones. The update, known as version 9.2, introduces a new user interface and adds functionality to several past-generation flagship phones.

One of the major changes in version 9.2 is the reorganization of photo options within the app. Several options have been moved into a smaller carousel at the bottom of the interface, while others now appear in a new menu on the viewfinder. This reorganization aims to make it easier for users to access and navigate through the app’s features.

The Pixel 8 series, in particular, gains access to a new feature called “Night Sight in Time Lapse,” which extends the duration of videos using Night Sight and Time Lapse. This feature is exclusive to the Pixel 8 series and allows users to capture longer time-lapse videos in low-light conditions.

Additionally, the update also brings enhancements to the “Palm Timer” feature, allowing users to enable it without needing an active timer. Users can also now choose to activate the Palm Timer only when a timer is active, providing more flexibility in using this feature.

Furthermore, the update introduces a separate switch for Ultra HDR photos in the app’s “Advanced” settings, giving users more control over photo capture settings.

The rollout of version 9.2 of the Pixel Camera app has already begun, but it may take some time before every Pixel phone receives the update. The release of this update comes just ahead of the Android 14 feature drop for December, which is expected to bring several improvements and new features to Pixel devices.

The Pixel 8 series, which was launched in October, will also receive additional features that were not previously available. These new features aim to enhance the photography experience and make the most of the devices’ advanced camera capabilities.

Overall, the update to the Pixel Camera app represents Google’s commitment to providing ongoing support and improvements to its line of Pixel smartphones, ensuring that users continue to have access to the latest features and enhancements.

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