5 Game-Changing Innovations I Want to See from Google in 2024

In 2023, many people were concerned about the lack of transparency from Google. As the year comes to an end, people are looking ahead to 2024 and hoping for a change.

Transparency means being open and clear about things. For Google, this means being clear about how they collect and use our data, and how their technology works. People want to know what data Google collects, why they collect it, and how long they keep it. They also want to know how Google’s technology makes decisions, like showing search results or ads.

It’s important for Google to be transparent for a few reasons. First, people want to trust Google with their data. If Google is more open about how they use data, people will feel more comfortable using their products. Second, being transparent helps Google to follow the rules and be a fair company. Finally, being open can help people understand and feel more comfortable with Google’s technology.

So, what can Google do to be more transparent? First, they can be clear about what data they collect and why. Next, they can explain how their technology works and make sure it is fair for everyone. They can also give people more control over their data so they feel more comfortable using Google products. They can also communicate better with people about changes in their policies and how they use our data. Finally, they can be clear about how they use new and advanced technology like AI.

As Google moves into 2024, it’s important for them to focus on being more open and clear with their users. This will help people trust Google with their data and understand how their technology works. Being more transparent will not only help Google follow the rules, but it will also make people feel more comfortable using their products.