Exclusive Hermes Leather iPhone Cases by Caviar: Luxury Customization Worth $2k+

Apple’s new iPhone 15 lineup was introduced at the Wonderlust event, along with the new FineWoven cases for the phones. These cases received mixed reactions, with some people missing the feel of genuine leather and others finding them not durable enough. To address this, Dubai-based Caviar has upgraded the cases by replacing them with genuine Hermes leather, known for its use in crafting luxurious Birkin handbags.

The upgraded cases come in three colors – Fine Orange, Fine Blue, and Fine Brown, and are covered with Hermes Epsom leather and Hermes Togo leather. They also feature Caviar’s relief crown made of jewelry alloy and coated with 24-karat gold.

Caviar is selling the upgraded FineWoven cases for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max through their website for $2,060, $2,130, and $2,200, respectively. They are also available for the iPhone 15 Pro at $2,130. The cases preserve the MagSafe functionality of the phones.

The decision to upgrade the cases came after some consumers expressed their preference for genuine leather over the FineWoven fabric. With the partnership between Caviar and Hermes, customers can now enjoy the luxury and durability of Hermes leather in their iPhone cases.

With the upgrade, Apple users can now experience the luxury and durability of genuine Hermes leather in their phone cases, further enhancing their device’s overall look and feel.

To learn more about the upgraded FineWoven cases and the partnership between Caviar and Hermes, customers can visit Caviar’s website. Additionally, those interested in the Apple FineWoven case can read the hands-on article on GSM Arena’s website for further information.