Boost Your Google Meet Experience: Learn How to Raise Your Hand Before Speaking for Better Communication!

Google Meet Introduces New Gesture Detection Feature

Google Meet has announced a new feature that allows users to raise their hand without clicking any buttons. The new gesture detection feature can automatically detect when a user raises their physical hand in front of the camera, making it easier for participants to indicate that they want to speak during a meeting.

The feature works by detecting the physical hand raise and triggering the hand raise button automatically. This means that users no longer have to click on the on-screen button to signal that they have something to say during a meeting.

However, this new feature is currently only available to users on select Google Workspace business and education plans. It is unclear whether the feature will be made available to more users in the future.

To use the gesture detection feature, users will have to enable it in the Google Meet settings. The feature is turned off by default, and can be found in the Google Meet reactions menu under “More options > Reactions > Hand Raise Gesture”.

It’s important to note that the gesture detection feature will automatically turn off for the active speaker to prevent any errant hand raises during a meeting. Additionally, users will need to press the hand raise button manually to lower their hand once it has been raised.

In order for the feature to work, Google states that one hand must be visible and away from the user’s face and body. The rollout of the new feature has already begun for Google Workspace business and education customers, but it may take a few weeks for some users to start seeing the new feature.

Overall, the new gesture detection feature in Google Meet aims to make the meeting experience more seamless and intuitive for users, eliminating the need to click on buttons to raise their hand and participate in discussions.

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