Google’s Enhanced Titan Security Key – Now Compatible with Passkeys for Maximum Protection

Google has introduced new Titan Security Keys that will make our online accounts even more secure. These new keys come with options for both USB-C and USB-A, providing more flexibility for different devices.

One of the biggest improvements is that these keys can now store more than 250 unique passkeys, giving users the ability to protect multiple accounts with just one key.

Using these keys is also made simpler with the option to set up a PIN code instead of a password, making it easier to access your accounts while still keeping them secure. Both versions of the new Titan Security Key also rely on FIDO2, ensuring the highest level of security for your accounts.

Google has also announced that it will be providing 100,000 security keys to high-risk users in 2024, showing a commitment to helping those who are most vulnerable to online threats.

The new Titan Security Keys are already available for purchase on Google’s virtual storefront, with the USB-A version priced at $30 and the USB-C model at $35. If you’re interested in getting these keys, you can sign up for the waitlist to be notified when they become available.

With these new Titan Security Keys, Google is making it easier and more affordable for everyone to keep their online accounts safe from cyber threats.

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