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Google Drive Users Experience Data Loss

Many users have reported that their data is missing from Google’s Drive cloud storage. Some users have found that files are missing, while others have stated that data is missing from files, taking them back to a state that is several years old. Google has stated that this problem is affecting a “limited number” of desktop Drive users, but some users have reported not using Drive on a PC.

A lengthy thread on Google’s Support forums contains several reports from users who have experienced missing files in Drive. One user stated that their Drive cloud storage is missing files, sending them back seven months to whatever items they had saved in May 2023. Another user reported a Google Sheets file saved in Drive is now missing four years’ worth of information.

The issue seems to be ongoing, as many users are expressing frustration at not having a locally stored version of their missing files and data. Some users have been set back a few years, while others are missing a few months’ worth.

Google has officially replied to the thread, stating that the issue impacts a “limited subset of Drive for desktop users.” Users have been advised not to alter their root folder in Drive (DriveFS) and not to click “Disconnect Account.”

However, the cause of the problem still remains undefined, as some users have encountered the issue on a computer, while others have experienced it on the Drive app on mobile devices. Android Central has reached out to Google for more information regarding this problem and will update accordingly.

This data loss issue with Google Drive has caused inconvenience for many users, and the extent of the problem and potential solutions are still being investigated. Google is working to address the issue and provide support for affected users.

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