Why Google’s Confinement of Fitbit Spells Doom for the Future

Fitbit was pulled out of nearly 30 countries or territories due to parent company Google’s decision to align Fitbit and Pixel sales more closely. The decision was considered a “prudent” move by an industry expert, but it has raised concerns about Google not having a plan for Fitbit beyond its usual conservative sales approach.

The decision to cut Fitbit devices from various countries was not widely known until a recent report spotted a support page on Thursday. Google’s slow and methodical approach to expanding Pixel sales has been frustrating for consumers and experts alike. Despite this, Fitbit products are still available in North America, Europe, and some countries in Asia and the Pacific.

According to Jitesh Ubrani, research manager for IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers, the decision to withdraw Fitbit from certain markets was a prudent one, given the declining market share of Fitbit in those countries. He also pointed out that Fitbit was facing significant competition from global brands such as Apple and Samsung, as well as low-cost brands like Xiaomi and Amazfit.

The move to align Fitbit sales with Pixel’s regional availability makes sense from a business perspective, but it has disappointed many consumers. Google’s decision to limit the availability of Fitbit in certain countries has raised concerns about the future of the brand and its products.

Despite Fitbit’s declining sales, there are still hopes that Google will invest in the brand and unleash its full potential to provide premium features in affordable hardware without Big Tech meddling. However, with the current restrictive approach, many consumers fear that Fitbit’s future may be uncertain.

The decision to restrict Fitbit’s availability in numerous countries has left many wondering about the future of the brand and its products. While Google’s move aligns with its conservative sales approach, it has also raised concerns about the company’s lack of plans for Fitbit beyond its current strategy. Only time will tell what the future holds for Fitbit under Google’s ownership.

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