Discover Google’s New ‘Classic Assistant’ Alternative with Bard Integration – Click to Learn More!

Google is making changes to its Assistant on mobile devices, offering users the option to switch to a “Classic Assistant” alternative. This news comes as Google looks to integrate Bard with its on-device AI helper.

The “Classic Assistant” will not have the same features as the AI-boosted variant, giving users a choice to make when it becomes available. The current version does not include much of the AI capabilities that the Bard integration will bring.

Users will be able to swap over to the classic version of Assistant by heading into the Google app’s settings when this update rolls out. However, users will not be able to use Classic Assistant features alongside the AI-booster version, necessitating a decision.

The anticipated integration of Assistant with Bard will bring AI chatbot offers for web users, including extensions with Gmail, Docs, and YouTube. Additionally, the AI-boosted variant will accept photos uploaded by users, allowing the bot to work its magic on them.

The exact date for this integration to arrive is still uncertain, but there is hope for a beta test to begin before the end of the year. The latest Pixel 8 series may receive the update before other devices, and testing will initially be limited to a select few individuals as Google seeks feedback.

Overall, Google’s AI integration with its Assistant is progressing, offering users more choices and capabilities for their mobile devices. Stay tuned for further updates on the rollout of Assistant with Bard and the Classic Assistant alternative.

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