Revolutionary AI-Powered Tab Organization Revealed in Google Chrome Code – Plus New Settings!

Google Chrome is getting some new AI-powered features on desktop. The first one is the “Organize tabs” function, which will help users keep their tabs neat and tidy. This feature will be accessible through the browser’s menu or by right-clicking on a tab. When using the latter method, a small window will pop up allowing users to name grouped tabs and see which ones will be grouped together.

The AI influence in the organized tabs feature is evident in a new animation that appears when clicking the feature. The animation shows that Google has made significant progress with this feature, but a server-side update is still needed for it to function properly.

In addition to the “Organize tabs” function, Google is also working on new AI-focused settings for Chrome, which may be added to a new “Advanced” settings menu. These settings include a “context menu tab group” toggle for tab organization, an “Expanded theme gallery” for advanced wallpaper search options, and an “Autofill helper” for certain input fields.

It is unclear if these AI features will also be added to Chrome on Android, but Google is currently developing new autofill support for Chrome on Android to work with third-party password managers. This update will allow users to choose which password manager they want to use, rather than just being limited to Google’s own Password Manager.

Overall, Google’s new AI-powered features for Chrome aim to improve organization, customization, and convenience for users, ultimately providing a more seamless browsing experience.

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