Unlock the Easy Password Sharing Feature on Google Chrome Canary – Limited Time Offer!

Google Chrome is testing a new feature that allows users to share their saved passwords with family members. This feature was discovered by an X user, Leopeva64, who found it in the Chrome Canary build. The new feature will let users share login credentials from the existing Google Password Manager tool in Chrome for desktop.

The process for sharing the password is very simple, as showcased by Leopeva64. Users can find the “share” button under the login credentials in the Password Manager section. The sharing ability includes the respective website link associated with the credentials, including username, password, and user’s notes, if available.

Once the password is shared with a family member, the only way to stop sharing the login credentials is to change the original password on the respective account. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be a way to revoke access, with the only option being to change the password.

The Google Password Manager was updated earlier this year for Chrome desktop users, giving it a dedicated space in the browser menu and the ability to add it as a shortcut on the desktop, among other features.

While the feature is currently available for Chrome Canary build users, other Chrome users can still access it by tweaking the browser’s flags. This means that users who want to share or receive passwords must enable the flag in their browser settings.

It’s not clear when this new password-sharing feature will roll out to stable-build Chrome users on desktops, but it could soon make its way to stable builds. However, with recent crackdowns on password sharing from apps like Netflix and Disney Plus, the timing of this feature seems a bit late.

Overall, the new password-sharing feature in Google Chrome could make it easier for families to share login credentials, but it remains to be seen how Google will address concerns about revoking access and ensuring security for shared passwords.

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