Revolutionize Your Home with Google’s AR Patent for Smart Home Controls – A Sneak Peek into the Future!

Google has taken a big step in the world of technology by filing a patent for AR software. This software will allow users to pair their smart home devices directly with smart glasses. This means that when you look at a Nest speaker, a virtual user interface will appear above it, giving you access to media controls, album art, and more.

This move comes after Google reportedly cancelled its plans for Project Iris, which was a hardware-based project. Now, the company seems to be shifting its focus to AR software rather than hardware.

The new patent, spotted by Wareable, involves implanting an image sensor within a pair of smart glasses for virtual control. When users look at devices such as a Nest speaker or an Android TV, a user interface will appear through their glasses, and they can control the devices using various pointing gestures.

The patent also mentions that users could use the software to control light bulbs and even surf the web using UI elements created virtually through the smart glasses.

It’s not clear when this technology could arrive on the market, as the patent simply shows Google’s plans. However, it does show that Google is still interested in AR technology, despite cancelling its hardware project, Project Iris.

Overall, it seems that Google is moving towards creating the “Android of AR,” and this new digital UI in space fits the bill. This software could potentially be used in upcoming XR headsets, such as Samsung’s, whenever they come to fruition.

In conclusion, Google’s new patent for AR software opens up exciting possibilities for the future of smart home devices and wearable technology. It’s a clear indication that Google is committed to advancing the world of augmented reality and integrating it into our daily lives.

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