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Google Workspace Customers Experience Delays with Gmail

Google’s Workspace customers are currently facing a big issue with sending emails using Gmail. The problem began on Thursday morning at 8:30 am PT, and as of the latest update at 11:15 am PT, the company’s engineers are actively working to fix the issue.

According to Google’s Workspace status dashboard, customers may encounter delays of several minutes when sending emails. The company has acknowledged the problem and is currently working on “mitigation work” to alleviate the stress that customers are experiencing.

As of now, Google has not provided an estimated time for when the issue will be resolved. In the meantime, Workspace customers can try resending their emails if they are experiencing delays or if the emails have not gone through.

It is important to note that this is a developing story, and further updates will be provided as the situation progresses. Google is working hard to resolve the issue and minimize the impact on Workspace customers.

For now, users are advised to be patient and continue to monitor for updates from Google regarding the status of the Gmail email sending delays.

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