Unleash Your Potential with the Game-Changing Garmin Forerunner Update for Sleepy, Stressed Runners

Garmin Updates Forerunner 965, 955, 265, and 255

Four of Garmin’s top-end Forerunner models have recently received an update, bringing some exciting new features to these popular running watches. The software update, version 17.24, was launched as a public beta on October 31 and officially rolled out on November 30.

The update includes features introduced by the Venu 3, such as Nap tracking, enhanced Body Battery, improved UI tricks, and new activities. One of the most notable additions is the new Nap widget, which detects sleep during the day and factors it into your Body Battery score. This update also revamps Body Battery to show specific points of your day and how they impact your energy.

Additionally, the update includes Course point improvements, making it easier to follow custom courses and previous run activities. For the Forerunner 955 and 965, “Up Ahead Voice Prompts” now play over Bluetooth to connected earbuds. The Weather widget also allows users to add more than one location, and there is now a large font mode to make text more readable.

For AMOLED Forerunner models, a Red Shift mode has been added to change the display color to red, green, or orange to preserve night vision in low light. In addition, the update adds new activities for team sports and racket sports, although the specific activities have not been listed.

However, some features, such as the ability to see images in phone notification pop-ups, are only available for Android users. Finally, if your watch isn’t set for automatic updates, you can follow a guide on how to update your Garmin watch to get these features.

This update has enhanced the functionality and user experience of Garmin’s Forerunner 965, 955, 265, and 255 models, making them even more appealing to active individuals who rely on their wearable technology to track their workouts and monitor their health.

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