Get the Latest Beefy Garmin Venu 3 Update with Skin Temperature and Glucose Watch Face!

Garmin Software Update Brings New Features to High-End Watches

On December 6th, Garmin released a new software update for its Venu 3, Vivoactive 5, Forerunner, Fenix, and Epix high-end watches. The update includes a variety of new features, including an activated skin temperature sensor for nighttime readings, a new Workouts app, nap tracking, Red Shift mode, glucose readings, and a number of new team sports modes.

One of the main highlights of the update is the activated skin temperature sensor, which was previously dormant. The Venu 3, Fenix 7 Pro, Epix Pro Gen 2, and Tactix 7 AMOLED watches will receive this new feature. The update also includes a new nap-tracking tool and enhancements to the body battery chart.

The Garmin December software update also brings several Forerunner updates to the Venu 3 and other compatible watches, including the ability to save multiple weather locations and a new Red Shift mode for better visibility at night. The update also adds the ability to sync with Dexcom glucose monitoring tools to show glucose levels and trends on the watch itself.

Additionally, the update includes a variety of new sports profiles for team and racket sports, such as basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and more. Venu 3 owners will also receive wrist-based running dynamics and running power, as well as a new Workouts app that collects all custom or downloaded workouts in one place.

Overall, the Garmin December software update aims to enhance the user experience for Venu 3 and other compatible watches, providing users with new and improved features that cater to their specific needs. With the addition of the skin temperature sensor, enhanced sports profiles, and the ability to sync with glucose monitoring tools, Garmin is committed to providing its users with a comprehensive and versatile fitness watch experience.

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