Foxconn Forecasts Impressive Holiday Quarter Sales with November Up 18% – Don’t Miss Out!

Apple’s iPhone assembler, Foxconn, has reported stronger than expected sales in October and November, according to a report by 9to5Mac. The company told investors that its November revenue hit $20.65 billion, marking the second-highest on record for the month.

Despite some pessimistic reports about iPhone 15 sales in China, Apple attributed the issue to supply constraints rather than demand. The company’s earnings report also showed better-than-expected revenue, with CEO Tim Cook stating that the September quarter brought in a record revenue for iPhone sales.

Apple’s struggle to meet the demand for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has been well-documented, with configurations being back-ordered by several weeks and out of stock for in-store pickup at retail locations.

However, Foxconn’s latest guidance supports Apple’s stance, as reported by India’s Economic Times. The company has experienced a strong start to the holiday quarter, with revenue performance in the first two months of the fourth quarter being slightly higher than expected. This has prompted Foxconn to raise its outlook for the quarter, expecting better performance than the original guidance for “significant growth.”

While Foxconn’s sales are not an exact proxy for Apple’s, as the company works with multiple consumer electronics companies, it does account for around 50% of Foxconn’s revenue. This supports the more optimistic view that the iPhone 15 lineup is selling well globally, despite sales being somewhat constrained in China.

With both Foxconn and Apple expecting strong sales in the holiday quarter, the outlook for the iPhone 15 lineup appears to be positive.

The iPhone 15 lineup’s success is crucial for Apple, as it aims to meet the high demand and supply constraints in the market. The company’s ability to catch up in the holiday quarter will be closely watched, as it looks forward to a successful sales season despite the challenges it currently faces.

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