Crush your fitness goals with Fitbit’s new Step streaks feature on Android

Fitbit’s latest update is bringing some exciting new features to its users. The update is rolling out today and is set to bring back some much-loved features as well as introducing new ones.

One of the big changes is the return of “Step Streaks” to iOS users, as well as the introduction of this feature to Android for the first time. This feature allows users to track their consecutive days of reaching their step goals. To set up your streak, simply tap the “Steps” tile in the “Today” tab.

In addition to Step Streaks, Fitbit is also introducing new “goal celebrations” to mark milestones achieved by the user. These in-app celebrations will help make striving for accomplishments a little more rewarding.

The “Today” tab is also becoming more customizable, allowing users to fine-tune the app’s initial page with aspects of their health that matter the most to their well-being and goals.

As a quality-of-life update, Fitbit will now display your currently connected device’s battery percentage at the top left. This update also extends support to the Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel Watch.

While many of these features were talked about a month ago, Fitbit has promised that the update will be rolling out today for all users. However, it may take some time to reach everyone, so users are encouraged to be patient.

Unfortunately, the promised dark mode is still not available with this update, but Fitbit has assured users that it is in the works.

Overall, the update is set to bring a range of new and exciting features to Fitbit users, making the app even more customizable and rewarding to use. Those with iOS devices can expect to see the update roll out in early January, while Android users will start seeing the new features shortly.

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