5 Surprising Reasons I Might Ditch Chrome for Firefox

Mozilla is bringing back extension support to Firefox for Android on December 14. This means you can add more features and customization to your mobile browser.

Since 2020, extensions were largely removed from the Android version of Firefox. But now, Mozilla is promising over 400 new extensions for the Android version. You can even test some of these new extensions before the official release.

To celebrate this announcement, Mozilla has created a landing page where you can see which extensions are compatible. The company has been working to get developers on board with making their extensions work on Android.

When the next stable version of Firefox for Android launches on December 14, it will have a wide selection of extensions available for users to enhance their browsing experience.

This is particularly exciting because there aren’t many mobile browsers that offer the ability to install extensions. Firefox’s return to offering extension support for Android could provide more options for users looking for a customizable browsing experience.

If you can’t wait until December 14, you can download the latest version of Firefox Nightly from the Play Store and try out some of the extensions that are already listed, although it’s not a stable version. Regardless, it’s an exciting time for Firefox users on Android as they prepare for the return of extensions to the popular mobile browser.

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