Evernote pushing free users to upgrade to paid accounts with new features and limitations

Evernote Tests New Plan to Lure in Paid Subscribers

The popular note-taking and task-management app, Evernote, is testing a new plan to try and bring in more paid subscribers. The company that owns Evernote, Bending Spoons, is looking to limit the number of free notes users can create in hopes of convincing them to upgrade to a paid plan.

Currently, Evernote offers a free tier of service that allows users to create a limited number of notes and use a limited amount of storage. However, the company is testing a new limit that would restrict free users to one notebook and 50 notes unless they upgrade to a paid plan.

The test was discovered by a subscriber who received a pop-up notification informing them of the new limitations. Evernote is offering a discounted annual subscription for those who want to upgrade, with the hope that users will be enticed to make the switch.

While Evernote has not yet made the new plan official, the company is testing it on less than 1% of its free users to gauge their response. The test will allow free users to continue editing, managing, and viewing their existing notes, but they will be unable to create new notes unless they upgrade to a paid account.

Despite the potential limitations, Evernote is confident that the new plan will encourage free users to become paid subscribers. The company is also banking on the fact that the features and capabilities of the paid plans will be attractive enough to entice users to upgrade.

It remains to be seen whether the new plan will be successful in converting free users into paid subscribers. Evernote is continuing to monitor the test and will make a decision based on the response from its users. In the meantime, free users of Evernote should keep an eye out for any potential changes to their accounts as the company continues to roll out its new strategy.

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