Boost Your iPhone 15 Pro’s Battery Life Without Sacrificing ProMotion: Don’t Turn It Off!

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max come with 120Hz ProMotion display, which can impact battery life. A recent test suggests that turning off this feature may not be worth it.

Jason Cross from Macworld did some testing and found that limiting the refresh rate to 60Hz in the Accessibility setting only improved battery life by about 5%. This minor increase in battery life wasn’t enough to justify giving up the smooth scrolling and animations of ProMotion.

Testing also revealed that playing games with high refresh rates, such as shooters Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile, can have a significant impact on battery life. With ProMotion switched off, battery usage was roughly halved, which is a huge gain for gamers who are away from a power source.

However, for the average user, leaving ProMotion enabled is recommended. Most games that support 120fps require users to actively enable this feature, so there’s no need to turn it off unless the 5% improvement in battery life is essential for the user.

In conclusion, unless you’re a heavy mobile gamer and playing without a power source nearby, it’s best to leave ProMotion enabled. If you do want to save battery while gaming, simply turn off the high frame rate mode when not close to a power socket.

Overall, the tests suggest that the advantages of the ProMotion display outweigh the minor battery life improvement gained from turning it off. So, for most users, it’s more beneficial to keep the feature enabled for a better overall experience with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

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