Unbeatable Black Friday Deals: Grab These Must-Have Zendure Charging Accessories Now!

With the holiday season nearly upon us, many people are starting to do their pre-holiday shopping. One popular item on the list is charging accessories. These accessories are not only practical but also make great stocking stuffers.

One brand that you might not have heard of is Zendure. They offer a range of charging solutions, including some of Android Central’s most highly recommended USB-C power banks. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, keep an eye out for two of Zendure’s products: the Zendure SuperMini (10,000mAh) and the Zendure Passport III 65W.

The Zendure SuperMini (10,000mAh) is a credit-card-sized portable power bank that comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable. This tiny power bank is travel-friendly and versatile, with two Type-C ports that can be used simultaneously. It comes in eight different colors and is a great choice for a personal purchase or as a gift.

The SuperMini (10,000mAh) is known to go on sale, so be sure to look out for a good deal this holiday season. On the other hand, the Zendure Passport III 65W is a universal travel adapter with fast charging and USB ports built-in. It supports a 65W power output and can be used anywhere in the world with its adjustable pins.

The Passport III 65W also has one USB-A, four USB-C, and one AC port, making it a versatile option for travelers. It comes in four different shades and retails for around $80. If you’re looking to purchase one, keep an eye out for holiday deals to get it at a better price.

As the holiday season approaches, remember to keep an eye out for great deals on charging accessories from Zendure. Whether it’s a tiny yet mighty power bank or a versatile travel adapter, there are sure to be some great discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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