Breaking News: Global Phone Market Rebounds, Breaking 27-Month Negative Streak – Find Out How!

The global smartphone market is on the road to recovery after facing challenges for the past 27 months. According to Counterpoint Research, the sell-through rates showed year-on-year growth in October 2021, with sales increasing by 5% compared to the same period last year.

This recovery was driven by emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa, China, and India, which showed significant growth in smartphone sales. Huawei’s resurgence in China and the Diwali holiday sales in India were credited as contributing factors to this positive trend.

On the other hand, developed markets are experiencing slower recovery due to saturation in the market. However, the launch of the iPhone 15 series and the strong performance of the iPhone 14 series have also played a significant role in pushing the global smartphone sales above the zero line in October.

Counterpoint Research predicts that the market will continue its gradual recovery for the rest of Q4 this year and in future quarters as well. This positive outlook comes after a challenging period that saw component shortages, inventory build-up, and consumers holding onto their old phones for longer.

Overall, the data from Counterpoint Research paints a hopeful picture for the smartphone market, with signs of recovery and growth in various regions. As people around the world continue to adapt to the new normal, the demand for smartphones is expected to increase, driving the market towards further growth and development.

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