Boost Your Chromebook Productivity with ‘Snap Groups’ for Seamless Multitasking

Google’s ChromeOS 121 has introduced a new way to group app windows together, making multitasking even easier on Chromebooks. The new feature, called “Snap Groups,” allows users to keep two app windows grouped together when using split mode.

To enable Snap Groups, users will need to activate the #ash-snap-groups flag on their Chromebook, provided they are running version 121.0.6120.0. Once enabled, users can activate Snap Groups by opening an app window using the built-in window layout functionality and selecting the split-screen layout. Selecting the second app or tab will group the two windows together.

These two app windows will remain grouped together, even showing up as a single app in the Virtual Desks overview. However, there are limitations to this feature. Snap Groups can only be used with two apps or windows at a time, and attempting to open a third window and then clicking back into the Snap Group will result in the third window disappearing behind the group.

Despite these limitations, the new feature adds to the multitasking capabilities of Chromebooks, which have been steadily improving. While it may still fall behind Windows, it offers more capabilities than macOS out of the box.

The latest Dev Channel update from Google has introduced this new feature, and users are beginning to experiment with it. It seems to work well so far, but there is hope that Google will offer even more capabilities in future builds.

Overall, the introduction of Snap Groups is a promising addition to ChromeOS, making multitasking on Chromebooks even more efficient and streamlined. As Google continues to enhance the user experience, Chromebook users can look forward to even more improvements in the future.

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