Watch the Highly Entertaining BlackBerry Movie Trilogy on AMC – Streaming in Three Parts from November 13th!

The BlackBerry Movie Becomes a Streamed Series

If you’ve watched the movie BlackBerry last May, you’ve seen the story of how Canada’s Research In Motion transformed the BlackBerry two-way pager into a must-have smartphone for the business world. Now, the movie has been turned into a series with multiple episodes lasting 45 minutes each. The series includes 14 minutes of material not shown in the original movie.

Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks, expressed his excitement about bringing the BlackBerry story to television. He described the series as a “lively and frequently hilarious true-life drama” with great performances, whether you once owned a BlackBerry device or not.

The limited three-day event for the AMC series is set to start on November 13th. It’s an entertaining opportunity to revisit the history of BlackBerry and how it went from the top to the bottom. The rise of the iPhone in 2007 led to the decline of BlackBerry, as physical keyboards became outdated. The company also made mistakes along the way, such as launching the PlayBook tablet without an email client.

For anyone interested in the history of smartphones and the rise and fall of BlackBerry, the BlackBerry series on AMC is definitely worth a watch. And for those who enjoyed the movie, the new series will provide an opportunity to dive even deeper into the fascinating true-life story of Research In Motion and its famous BlackBerry devices.

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