Apple’s $96K Shipping Blunder: 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max Units Returned – Exclusive Details Inside!

An Apple customer recently received a delivery of a lifetime when the tech giant mistakenly sent him 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max units instead of the 4 he had ordered. The total value of the smartphones amounted to a staggering $96,000, far exceeding the original order worth $3,600. The customer, known as @legends_gio on TikTok, documented the return of the extra iPhones to an Apple store after the company reached out to rectify the mistake.

Instead of keeping the extra phones, @legends_gio decided to do the right thing and return them to Apple. In response, Apple allowed him to keep the 4 iPhones he had originally ordered for free, as a gesture of appreciation for his honesty. This ethical decision sparked a huge discussion on TikTok, with many in the comment section praising @legends_gio for his integrity.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1TB storage is the most expensive model in the iPhone 15 series. By returning the extra phones, @legends_gio not only did the right thing, but also ended up with all 4 of the high-end devices for himself and his work team, instead of just the one he had initially ordered for himself.

In the end, this unusual situation resulted in a positive outcome, with @legends_gio and his team now enjoying the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of integrity and doing what’s right, even when it may seem tempting to keep something that doesn’t belong to you. The actions of @legends_gio have set an example for others and emphasized the value of honesty and ethical behavior.

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