Discover the Must-Read Apple Watch Series 9 Review – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

The Apple Watch Series 9 has been the latest talk of the town. It was announced in September this year, and Apple lovers were eagerly waiting for its release. However, many users have been left disappointed by the new smartwatch, and they have shared their experience with it.

The Apple Watch Series 9 boasts a new S9 system-in-package (SiP) with 60% more transistors than the outgoing S8 series chip. It also comes with a 30% faster GPU and a new 4-core NPU. Despite these hardware upgrades, many users found the user experience to be subpar. The core functionality of the watch was perceived as scattered across many apps, with some users finding the implementation of features to be poor.

One of the major letdowns is the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 9. Despite Apple claiming that the watch offers all-day 18 hours of battery life, users have found the battery to be abysmal in real-world usage. Additionally, the new S9 SiP allows for faster Siri requests to be processed on the device, but not all users find this feature useful, especially those who don’t have a habit of issuing speech commands to their watch.

The software of the Apple Watch Series 9 has also received criticism. Many users found the watch faces to be either boring, ugly, or unusable. While there are spots for tiny widgets to show real-time information, the customization of watch faces was found to be lacking, and the watch still doesn’t support third-party watch faces.

Despite the criticism, the Apple Watch Series 9 does have some positive aspects. Its design and build have been commended, and the hardware upgrades, such as the 30% faster GPU, have been acknowledged for providing a snappier interface and interactions. The new Double Tap gesture, which allows users to play/pause music, snooze alarms, and more, has also been well-received.

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 9 has received mixed reviews from users. While it boasts impressive hardware upgrades, the subpar user experience, poor battery life, and lacking software customization have left many users disappointed. As Apple continues to innovate and improve its products, it’s yet to be seen if the next iteration of the Apple Watch will address these concerns.

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