Exciting News: Apple Watch to Reintroduce Popular Feature in watchOS 10.2 – Don’t Miss Out!

Apple Watch users can rejoice as the popular feature of swiping to switch watch faces is making a comeback with the release of watchOS 10.2. When watchOS 10 was launched, this feature was removed, much to the disappointment of many users. However, with the upcoming release of watchOS 10.2, Apple has responded to user feedback and decided to bring back this beloved function.

A Twitter user, @aaronp613, shared some code strings from the beta version of watchOS 10.2, including one that reads “Swipe to Switch Watch Face.” This indicates that the feature will be returning to the Apple Watch with the upcoming update.

To use this feature, users will need to go to Settings and then Clock, where they can set their preferred method of changing watch faces. Those who have watchOS 10.2 beta 3 installed can enjoy this feature right away, while others will have to wait for the final version of watchOS 10.2 to be released later this year.

In addition, users can set up different watch faces to swipe through by going to the Watch app on their iPhone and tapping the Face Gallery tab. This allows them to create alternate watch faces for different occasions, such as workdays, holiday parties, or workouts.

The decision to bring back the swiping feature comes after Apple received feedback from its users, expressing their disappointment with the removal of this convenient way to change the watch face on their smartwatch. It remains unclear why Apple initially decided to remove this feature, especially since swiping the screen in watchOS 10 did not have any other function.

With the return of swiping to switch watch faces, Apple Watch wearers can once again enjoy the ease and convenience of quickly changing their watch faces with just a simple swipe.

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