Apple Delays Two Major iOS 17 Features to 2024: What You Need to Know

Apple has finished updating iOS 17 for the rest of the year. That means two features expected to be included with iOS 17 have officially been pushed into 2024. One is the collaborative Apple Music playlist that would allow an Apple Music subscriber to invite others to add songs to the playlist, change the order of the list, take songs off of the list, and react to songs in the “Now Playing” UI with emoji.

However, Apple felt compelled to delay the collaborative Apple Music playlist because it was concerned that some iOS users would abuse the feature or use it to spam other iOS users. The early beta releases of iOS 17.2 contained the feature that was conspicuous by its absence in the iOS 17.2 RC (release candidate). And today, iOS 17.2 was released also without the feature. Apple’s list of new features available in iOS 17 now adds a footnote to the listing for the collaborative Apple Music playlist which says, “Coming in an update in 2024.”

Also pushed back to 2024 is a feature called AirPlay in hotels. Apple explains this feature by saying, “Securely and privately enjoy your content on the big screen in select hotels by simply scanning a unique QR code on the AirPlay-compatible TV in your room.”

iOS 17.2 was released by Apple today and in this story, you can check out all of the features that weren’t delayed until next year. The one feature that was added to the update was the addition of “Translate” to the Action Button. Now, if you want to translate a Chinese-language Weibo post or a news story published in a foreign language, one long-press of the Action Button will open the Translate app.

While you’ll have to wait until next year to add the collaborative Apple Music playlist and AirPlay in hotels to your phone, you can add the rest of iOS 17.2’s new features including “Journal” by going to Settings > General > Software Update.