Epic’s Antitrust Victory Spells Trouble for Google: What You Need to Know

The jury unanimously found Google guilty of having a monopoly in the app distribution on Android phones, saying that they violated competition laws. Google’s mobile app store, Google Play, is the center of controversy in this case. Epic Games, who took Google to court over this issue, celebrated the victory as a major win for app developers and competition in the Android ecosystem.

The clash between Epic Games and Google began when Google and Apple removed Fortnite from their app stores for offering their own payment system. This move led to a month-long trial, which concluded with the jury ruling in favor of Epic Games. They found Google guilty on all 11 questions presented, including controlling Android app distribution, violating competition laws, and using unfair deals to stifle competition.

Google defended itself by stating that its goal was to offer a secure and appealing user experience, especially with competition from Apple. However, Epic Games claimed that Google was preventing smartphone makers, carriers, and app developers from challenging the dominance of the Play Store. Google plans to appeal the verdict, setting the stage for a potentially lengthy legal battle.

The verdict is expected to have a significant impact on the app store game, potentially giving app developers much more control over how they distribute and monetize their apps. The specific actions Google needs to take based on the jury’s decision will be announced in January by Judge James Donato. This could mean big changes for how apps are downloaded on Android.

Epic Games labeled the verdict as a victory for app developers and users globally. The company claimed that Google’s app store practices are illegal and that they abuse their monopoly to extract exorbitant fees, stifle competition, and reduce innovation. They also alleged that Google was paying developers billions of dollars to stay in the Play Store family and keep competing app stores out of the game.

Google executive Wilson White, on the other hand, stated that the company plans to appeal the verdict. White insists that the Play Store is actually the freest and most open option out there. Google argues that it competes fiercely with Apple and is standing by its Android model. The legal battle between Epic Games and Google is far from over, and the outcome will likely have lasting implications for the future of app distribution on Android.