Discover Your Favorite Tunes: Learn How to Track Your Top Songs Today!

As 2023 comes to an end, Apple Music users are encouraged to check out their Apple Music Replay data. This playlist, which shows the top songs by year, is available every year and can be accessed through the Apple Music Replay 2023 website. One significant difference between Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped is that Apple Music allows you to track your top songs throughout the entire year, while Spotify Wrapped is only available starting in December.

To access your Apple Music Replay playlist for 2023, simply go to the “Listen Now” tab at the bottom of the Music app on your iPhone. This is also where you can find your Apple Music Replay playlists from previous years, dating all the way back to 2015. Additionally, the Apple Music Replay website provides details on your top artists, top albums, and total listening time.

The Apple Music app playlist will display the year’s top songs, but for more detailed information, such as top artists, top albums, and listening time, users must visit the Apple Music Replay website. Furthermore, this data is updated weekly on Sundays until the end of the year.

For Spotify users, there is currently no way to view the Spotify Wrapped year-in-review. However, Spotify typically releases this recap data in the first week of December. As for Apple Music users, they are encouraged to share their top songs of the year in the comments.

As the year winds down, Apple Music users have the opportunity to review and reminisce about their music listening habits throughout 2023. With the Apple Music Replay playlist and website, users can easily access and reflect on their favorite songs, artists, and albums, making it a fun way to look back on their musical journey over the past year.

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