Apple Music’s groundbreaking solution slashes phony stream fraud by 30% – find out how they did it!

Apple Music has been cracking down on fraudulent streaming activities, and it has proven to be successful. According to a report by Billboard, the anti-fraud measures implemented by Apple Music have led to a 30% decrease in streaming manipulation.

These fraudulent activities can take various forms, including using bots to continuously stream music in order to earn royalties. Apple Music has also detected cases of albums consisting of 31-second songs, which bypass the 30-second limit set for royalty payment.

To combat these fraudulent practices, Apple Music has introduced strengthened fraud protection measures, and repeat offenders are now facing financial penalties. Additionally, the platform has started sending daily reports to music industry partners, detailing albums with streams held in review. This allows for the removal of manipulated streams and the release of legitimate plays.

The success of Apple Music’s anti-fraud efforts has prompted Spotify to also ramp up its reporting to labels and distributors in order to identify and address repeat offenders.

Overall, the crackdown on streaming manipulation by Apple Music and other platforms is a positive development for musicians and the music industry. It ensures that artists receive fair compensation for their work and that fraudulent activities are identified and addressed effectively.

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